Alison Wheeler (alisonw) wrote,
Alison Wheeler

An Update, you ask?

Yes, well. Sortof.

This weekend I'm heading to my old office (a co-incidence) for BarCampLondon4 (CamelCase ftw!) and had been worring about whether I could 'keep up' with the young 'uns who rattle around such unconferences. Talking isn't an issue (I do a lot of that as it is - I just signed up to geekspeakr too) though no idea yet what I'll talk about. Hopefully I'll get inspired while I'm there!

But, anyway ... it started me wondering about my footprint on the web and a quick check showed much of it is out of date. *Seriously* ood. So I've just wiped my main *(.com) website and put a holding'ish page there and will add the rest in the next week or two, then make a start revising the other sites.

In just under three weeks I'll be heading off to Iceland to meet with the developers at CCP, creators of the EVE-Online MMORPG. Earlier this month I was elected to the 'Council of Stellar Management' they have set up as a player-elected group to closely liase with the devs in creating new content - and sorting out the issues of the current stuff! Given there were 66 candidates from all over the world, I was rather chuffed indeed to be one of the nine elected, especially as unlike most of the other successful candidates I don't have a guaranteed body of supporters in being part of a large alliance or such.

So, there it is. A quick update here, a code tweak there, and here I go again ... ;-P
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