Alison Wheeler (alisonw) wrote,
Alison Wheeler

60 ... 65 ... 67 ...

So it is decreed (well, ok, 'leaked') that we will all have to work until we are 67 years old if we wish to receive the government's pension. Fair enough, I suppose, the number of elderly people of whatb was formerly known as Pensionable Age is clearly increasing, and the number of children isn't keeping pace.


When I was young I was told I would be able to retire at 60. Given that most women receive lower wages and salaries then men do (often for the same job) there seemed to be some sense in that, although historically it was more likely that on average a wife would be five years younger than her husband so the five-year difference in retirement ages meant they would retire together.

Then the government, forced by various complaints that this difference was "unfair to men" announced that the retirement ages for both genders would be equalised and, surprise surprise, everyone's age would be at the (then) upper figure of 65, rather than some intermediate figure which might balance the savings from women retiring later and men retiring earlier.

As it happens, the schedule for increasing the retirement age for women from 60 to 65 affects me a lot. I am - by just a few months - at the age where my retirement age jumped the full five years.

And now, according to the press, it will jump another two as "[the change] will affect everyone under 50".

Anyone want to take a guess at what age I will actually reach "retirement age" by the time I get to be that age? So far each time each time I get older it moves further away!
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