Dropping in ...

... for a quick update. Recent events have included a really wonderful Night of the Senses last Friday, raising money for a great charity. I'd especially like to thank all those I 'found' along the way - and would love to meet again! please!

I've just watched a great speech by Vince Cable from Conference in Bournemouth. I still feel he was a missed opportunity for a great leader.

New stuff

Have spent this afternoon revising my main website, bring a lot of the code up to date as it has been a-g-e-s since it was last updated. A little new stuff there already and more to come.

For those who missed the story about the EVE-Online meeting in Iceland that I attended a couple of weeks ago, here is the New York Times' take on it. written by Seth Schiesel, their reporter who came up to Iceland with us for the five days. As always, you can find other news about my EVE-online activities on my 'in-character' journal for Inanna Zuni.

Money for old rope, etc.

Having noted the other day that the UK version of the Icelandair website didn't actually specify the weight and size limits on cabin baggage I've been doing some searching, and eventually found the details. My bag and contents would be fine *except* that this whole 'anti-terrorism' liquids thing has got really ridiculous.

I quote:
Each passenger is permitted to carry ONE item of cabin baggage through the airport security search point ... handbags may be carried within the single item of cabin baggage.

No liquids of any type are permitted through the airport security search point ...The definition of liquids includes gels, pastes, lotions, liquid/solid mixtures and the contents of pressurised containers, e.g. toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, deodorant, shaving foam, aerosols, etc.

Other prohibited items:
* toiletries

You may purchase liquids, gels and pastes (i.e. toothpaste) and solid cosmetics (i.e lipstick) from shops and restaurants after airport security and take these onto the aircraft as long as they all fit into your ONE carry on hand baggage item.

Sheesh. No getting around that I will have to trust the baggage handlers at Heathrow then with my possessions, even though I could carry (well, pull along on wheels) everything instead and not have to wit around for the plane to be unloaded.

and easy money for BAA and the airport shops ...


Update: I'm now doing more searching and (and I really shouldn't be so surprised by this) I'm finding contradictory statements depending upon which page I look at and the route I took to that page. ;-0

That was fun (I hope!)

So I've just finished my two sessions ... the "democracy in an online world" one had three guys cmoe along and generated some useful ideas which I will test over the next week. The "Motivation" one overflowed, with people having to sit on the floor, with a dozen people squashing in to room better suited for eight. I'm reasonably pleased how they went though clearly different to making the similar presentation on a panel or to a large conference.

Currently in a session about the MOO API.

ps. Sorry about the typo in the header of the previous post. I corrected it but it didn't get pickedup by the RSS feed consumers!

The LJ Comparison (a copy)

"`First, I would like to examine the voter turnout for the recently finished LJ advisory board elections. 35460 accounts cast votes in the Russian and English polls combined. At this current time, according to stats.bml, there are 1789025 active accounts, 956685 accounts that have been updated in the last 30 days, and 545102 accounts updated in the last 7 days. So out of all active accounts, only 1.98% voted; 3.71% or 6.51% voted out of the accounts updated in the last 30 or 7 days, respectively. I think the 7 days number is most interesting, because those are the users who used LiveJournal during the period when the polls were open. To look at this another way, 93.5% of the accounts that bothered to update didn't bother to vote."

We have the technology!

Got very little (if any) sleep last night, so was reasonably on time getting into Capital today for barcamp in Leicester Square. Weirdly, just after I arrived, a member of the staff there walked over and said hi (later he mentioned that my name came up in conversation yesterday!)

Anyway, the Wifi has only just started working (over-engineered original solution, it appears) and I'm now sitting ion my second session of the afternoon. I've decided to offer two sessions which, for ease of giving, I've put consecutively on the timetable and in the same room.

More as it comes!

An Update, you ask?

Yes, well. Sortof.

This weekend I'm heading to my old office (a co-incidence) for BarCampLondon4 (CamelCase ftw!) and had been worring about whether I could 'keep up' with the young 'uns who rattle around such unconferences. Talking isn't an issue (I do a lot of that as it is - I just signed up to geekspeakr too) though no idea yet what I'll talk about. Hopefully I'll get inspired while I'm there!

But, anyway ... it started me wondering about my footprint on the web and a quick check showed much of it is out of date. *Seriously* ood. So I've just wiped my main *(.com) website and put a holding'ish page there and will add the rest in the next week or two, then make a start revising the other sites.

In just under three weeks I'll be heading off to Iceland to meet with the developers at CCP, creators of the EVE-Online MMORPG. Earlier this month I was elected to the 'Council of Stellar Management' they have set up as a player-elected group to closely liase with the devs in creating new content - and sorting out the issues of the current stuff! Given there were 66 candidates from all over the world, I was rather chuffed indeed to be one of the nine elected, especially as unlike most of the other successful candidates I don't have a guaranteed body of supporters in being part of a large alliance or such.

So, there it is. A quick update here, a code tweak there, and here I go again ... ;-P

Drivers Details Lost

No, not the one by Shakespeare (even though learning to drive is clearly a labour of love) but one of the many losses of data on its citizens by the government of the United Kingdom.

I'm less worried by the (yet another) loss of data, but the fact that this time the loss occurred in the *USA*. What was it doing that side of the pond in the first place? The US has a lower quality of data protection law and, more to the point, did all those learner drivers give explicit permission for their information (name & address) to be sent out of this country? I hardly think so ...